buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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damonwells replied to your post“Some good COCK is the answer to all your problems!”

something wasnt about my dick??? better make it about my dick…
this ding dong would probably manage to shoehorn his dick into his speech at his mother’s funeral

Some good COCK is the answer to all your problems!



Cock is gonna help me with my interview at Sephora? Not, you know, my background in cosmetology or how many goddamn years in customer service?

Thanks dude, your fucking stellar advice is gonna help me nail my interview.

Phone tag is awkward but it’s super fucking awkward when you’re on round five and it’s with Sephora over scheduling your interview.

cubebreaker: In his series, The Good Badlands, photographer Guy Tal seeks to show us that though it is often hidden, and may only appear briefly, there is delicate and subtle beauty in abundance for any viewer with patience and desire.



Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.